The meeting between technology and music

3 min readSep 19, 2023


Since humans first created instruments, they also created musical instruments, hence music technology is entwined with contemporary history. But during the past 20 years, new connections between technology and music have altered the methods in which people produce, distribute, and enjoy music.

technology and music

One technological advancement has recently entered our home, making it smarter than before. It can now recognize the music you choose to listen to and can even compose melodies that direct movement.

numerous musicians contend that modern technology has numerous negative effects on music as we know it from the standpoints of both the listener and the artist.

We hear music in a compressed version, different from what the artist intended, ever since people learned about the compact disc, which partially replaced the vinyl record and cassettes. It gets worse when you use a cell phone and cheap headphones to listen to music in MP3 format.

These techniques result in significant information loss compared to the song’s original version. The ear will make the completions is the underlying presumption used by technology developers at all times.

This is definitely true

However, because our brains are designed to hear the full range of frequencies produced by musical instruments, cutting or overly compressing the sound has a direct impact on how much you are moved by a song. This has been true for more than 20 years without our being aware of it.

Nobody is to blame for the ground-breaking innovation that has revolutionized our world. We have all accepted and used technological advancements, but we haven’t yet realized how much natural sound quality we are losing. The paradox is that we now listen to more music than ever before.

The youthful generation that was raised on MP3 and other cutting-edge technologies and aspires to be musicians is largely unaware of the missing frequencies that do not exist in their consciousness, which has an impact on the type of music they can produce. Live performances that move us more deeply than previously fill in the gaps that are left. Our only opportunity to hear the music at any frequency is right now.

On the one hand, the airiness and organic texture of the song, as it was recorded, were harmed by the quality of the compressed sound at the cutting edge of technology. However, technical advancements have brought about a beneficial revolution and increased accessibility to music, allowing us to hear any song we want.

The highest peak in the sound

They are now developing a novel technology advancement that alters the sound depending on the listener’s environment, such as a huge room, a tiny room, or even an open area outside.

Another advancement in music is related to the technology of smart houses; for instance, when you enter the house, the music will be adjusted based on your heartbeat and rate of movement, which both reflect your mood.




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